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Tv Star Fires Shot At Kanye West: "it's Hard Not To Want Bad Thi

... Anytime I tell the truth when I get up here, everybody thinks it's so crazy, right? And the media paint me as if I'm some sort of villain or like I've got a bad bone in my body. I'm really more of a porcupine or a blowfish. And the photos they always take is when that blowfish is blown up or when that porcupine is defending itself from the lies and control and the manipulation that you deal with if you are an artist. Sometimes, my only response is to go 'Aaaaaahhhh!'" view (Wireless Festival) Despite widespread negative reports, some outlets claim Kanye impressed more than depressed his loyal following at the annual event. <br>Source: http://www.sohh.com/2014/07/tv_star_fires_shot_at_kanye_west_its_har.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=general-feed

Kanye West Apparently Complained About 'Scratchy Toilet Paper' In London | Vibe

The Chicago rapper reportedly complained about "scratchy toilet paper" when he went to use the restroom while riding on the Eurostar from Paris, France to London, England. A source told The Sun newspaper that "Kanye is very particular about his toilet paper. He couldn't believe that in a first class carriage, they had scratchy loo roll." The source added that Yeezy didn't engage in one of his infamous stadium rants, "but he was heard moaning to his inner circle. He didn't like the texture and requested softer tissue." Mr. <br>Source: http://www.vibe.com/article/kanye-west-scratchy-toilet-paper-complaint

Watch: Kanye West Explains Why He Hates Airports | Vibe

The folks over at TMZ got their hands on a pilot from a failed reality show in 2010 on 'Ye's travel agent Brett Grolsch, self-proclaimed travel agent to the stars. Here, Mr. West explains why he hates airports and tricks he uses to get fans out of his face. Roll the footage above. <br>Source: http://www.vibe.com/article/watch-kanye-west-hates-airports-reality-show

Read Kanye West's 'Set List' Complete With Rant Prompts | SPIN | Music News

And only days ago, at London's Wireless Festival, he unleashed a 15-minute Auto-Tuned tirade against racism in the fashion industry. Such speeches are commonplace from West, but while one may assume they're impromptu, a new "set list" released by Funny or Die suggests otherwise. The document is of course fake, but it's pretty hilarious. Amidst the songs, we see him preparing a talk about why he's mad at Louis Vuitton "right now," another one on how he invented leather sweatpants (followed by a Q&A on the subject), and then one big blowout rant to close that touches on nearly 20 topics. His encore? Farting into the microphone and talking about how good it smells for 20 minutes. <br>Source: http://www.spin.com/articles/kanye-west-rant-set-list-joke-funny-or-die/

Fox News' Stacey Dash thinks Kanye West needs to go to 'Riker's Island' before he compares paparazzi following his family to rape (Video) | TheCelebrityCafe.com

"For Kanye to say 'rape,' maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island," she said on Tuesday, the Daily News reports. "Go to Rikers for a little while and then he'll know what rape is." He said during his rant, Everybody here, they like sex right? Sex is great when you and your partner are like, Hey, this is what we both want to do. But if one of those people don't want to do that, what is that called? That's called rape. That is called violation. <br>Source: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2014/07/fox-news-stacey-dash-thinks-kanye-west-needs-go-rikers-island-he-compares-paparazzi-

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